Romy Lorenz

Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurotechnology


Journal Papers
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Conference Papers
  1. Costa PF, Lorenz R, Monti RP, Jones E, Leech R (2020). Bayesian optimization for real-time, automatic design of face stimuli in human centred research. 7th ICML Workshop on Automated Machine Learning.
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Lorenz R*, Kaelen M*, Barrett F, Roseman L, Santos-Ribeiro A, Evans L, Feildling A, Nutt D, Carhart-Harris R, Leech. Effects of LSD on music-evoked brain activity. Preprint available on bioRxiv

Ciric R, Lorenz R, Thompson WH, Goncalves M, MacNicol E, Markiewicz CJ, Halchenko YO, Ghosh SS, Gorgolewski KJ, Poldrack RA, & Esteban O. TemplateFlow: a community archive of imaging templates and atlases for improved consistency in neuroimaging. In submission, preprint available on bioRxiv

Araña-Oiarbide G, Daws R, Lorenz R, Violante IR, Hampshire A. Preferential activation of the posterior default-mode network with sequentially predictable task switches. In submission, preprint available on bioRxiv

Mew BG, Custovic D, Soreq E, Lorenz R, Violante R, Sandrone S, Hampshire A. Mapping the coming and distinct neural correlates of visual, rule and motor conflict. In submission, preprint available on bioRxiv