Romy Lorenz

Cognitive Neuroscience – Neuroadaptive Technology – Art x Neuroscience


I am a cognitive neuroscientist with a multidisciplinary background in psychology and biomedical engineering.

Since September this year, I am a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge, Stanford University and the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences. Currently, I am based in Leipzig – with frequent trips to the UK.

My research interest lies in developing brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and artificial intelligence (AI) as a new experimental paradigm in cognitive neuroscience; allowing me to address research questions that have been historically challenging to tackle with conventional methods.

For my Fellowship, I want to understand how frontoparietal brain networks give rise to our powerful cognitive abilities. I will approach this question in two stages: First, by using automated meta-analytic and text mining techniques, I will integrate information from thousands of existing experiments. This knowledge will then be refined using real-time brain scanning combined with machine learning (Bayesian optimisation). This work will be conducted together with John DuncanNikolaus Weiskopf and Russ Poldrack. In addition, I am collaborating with Adam Hampshire and Thomas Yeo.

I received my PhD from Imperial College London in June 2017, under the supervision of Robert Leech. For my PhD, I have developed an “AI neuroscientist” – this work has been featured in WIRED Magazine and I recently gave a TEDx talk.

Alongside this line of research, I am interested in altered states of consciousness (e.g., meditation and psychedelics) and in the intersection between neuroscience and art.



Upcoming talks

16 May ’18         Pint of Science, London, UK

12 Jun ’18          London Tech Week, London, UK

Aug ’18               Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Fran, USA

Sep ’18               New Scientist Live, London, UK