Romy Lorenz

Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurotechnology


PhD Thesis

Lorenz R (2017). Neuroadaptive Bayesian Optimization – Implications for the Cognitive Sciences, PhD Thesis, Imperial College London, UK.

Open Peer Review

Leech R & Lorenz R (2016) Review for: J Westfall, TE Nichols, T Yarkoni. Fixing the stimulus-as-fixed-effect fallacy in task fMRI, Wellcome Open Research, 1: 23.

Book Chapters

Zander TO, Brönstrup J, Lorenz R, Krol LR (2014).Towards BCI-based Implicit Control in Human-Computer Interaction. In S Fairclough and K Gilleade (eds), Advances in Physiological Computing, HumanComputer Interaction Series (pp.67-90). Springer: London.